Welding and Material Handling Solutions

Ogden Welding Systems is a trusted name in the steel fabrication industry with over 40 years of experience building quality welding equipment and material handling systems. Ogden has pioneered the technology solutions to our customers' automated welding needs. Our systems are used in more than twenty countries worldwide, in ship and barge construction, rail car fabrication, structural steel fabrication and trailer manufacturing. As a turnkey supplier, we have been entrusted to manage entire projects from start to finish, regardless of size. This bypasses interfacing problems typically found when dealing with multiple suppliers.


Ogden equipment incorporates most commercial welding processes such as submerged arc, MIG, flux/metal cored arc and gas metal arc. From individual pieces of equipment to large welding and material handling systems, we can provide a robust solution to your fabrication needs.


One approach to basic welding automation is our innovative mechanical torch guidance system. The system precisely follows the horizontal and vertical contours of the material being welded with minimum operator attention. The initial wire to joint parameters are constantly maintained without further adjustments by the operator regardless of material alignment to the welder and irregularities of the work piece such as camber and sweep. This cost-effective system assures uniform high quality welds.


From concept through completion, meeting the expectations of our customers is our primary goal. Our engineering group will do a concept feasibility analysis working with your component design, floor space availability and product requirements. Meeting our customers' demands for precision automated welding systems with innovative, on-time, cost-effective solutions is our highest priority. Let Ogden Welding Systems become "Your Automated Welding Solutions Provider".






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