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Bi-directional Stiffener Welder


• Welds flat, angle, tee, and bulb type stiffener configurations.


• Fillets up to 5/16 inch (8 mm).


• Weld speeds up to 70 IPM (1778 mm).


• Achieve high quality, uniform, continuous or intermittent welds on both sides of the stiffeners simultaneously.


• The machine can be equipped with various weld processes.


• Move-able carriages with torches are adjustable for various stiffener spacing.


• The unique torch guidance system assures accurate weld orientation.


• A single operator can weld up to five stiffeners simultaneously resulting in a throughput rate of less than 8 minutes per stiffener.


The Bi-directional Stiffener Welder is a multi-level gantry machine that is designed to finish welding simultaneously on multiple stiffeners that have been previously tacked into position in a transverse orientation to the panel line flow.


The stiffener welder is available with two to ten welding carriages for welding up to five stiffeners simultaneously. Each welding carriage provide two fillet welds (opposing) along each stiffener. The stiffener welder is capable of continuous or stitch welding and is available with the single wire flux cored arc (FCAW) welding,  the gas metal arc welding (GMAW) or the sub arc (SAW) welding process.


The lower level consists of the travel gantry that spans the panel line with and travels on floor rails. It is used to position the welding gantry (upper level) over the multiple stiffeners. It can be fitted with the welding power sources on-board to eliminate the need for plant floor space to store the welding power sources.


The upper level consists of the welding gantry which carry the movable welding carriages and all the necessary welding equipment along the length of the stiffeners (weld direction).







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