Storage Container Fabrication

Automatic Horizontal Tank Welder


•  Submerged Arc with single or twin electrodes

•  Single Electrode 1/16” through 5/32”

 (1.5mm through 4.0mm)

•  Twin Electrode 2 x 1/16” to 2 x3/32”

 (2 x 1.5mm to 2 x 2.5mm)


• Electrode Reel Capacity – 60 lbs. (27kg)


• Flux Hopper Capacity  - 60 lbs. (27kg)


• Welding Speed – (Travel 100 IPM Max)

 (2540mm Max)


• Minimum Tank Diameter – 15 feet (4.6M)


• Minimum & Maximum Plate Thickness

 ¼” to 2”  (6.3mm to 50.8mm)


• Machine Weight Ready for Welding

 1800 lbs.  (816kg)


• Power Source:

 DC type constant current or constant potential


The Automatic Horizontal Tank Welder (girth welder or 3 O'clock welder) is a submerged arc-welding machine designed for welding the horizontal seams of oil, gas, and grain storage tanks.  Butt welds can be made on the inside or outside in either travel direction.


The machine travels along the top of the tank's vertical plates and welds them to ones immediately beneath.  Safety support arms are welded on each truck to prevent the machine from falling should a wheel run off the plate edge.  The machine has a lifting eye and cable disconnects to simplify moving.  A cable support arm holds the cables clear of the scaffolding generally placed around the tank.


An Ogden Flux Recovery system is used to screen and recycle the unused flux.  Flux heaters are supplied on the flux hopper to keep flux dry.


An optional fitted cover is available for machine and operator protection and to minimize flux loss caused by gusting winds.


The Automatic Horizontal Tank Welder is available in single sided or a dual/double sided version. The dual/double sided version allows for simultaneous welding on both sides of plates with opposing arc spacing of up to 3 inches.  The dual/double sided version can also be separated with one side used as a single unit.






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